Fort Egg


collaboration: Marco Casagrande, Frank Chen, Lukáš Landa, Jan Tyrpekl, Jan Luxus

_Dulan, South Taiwan, 2012

Fort Egg is an experimental bamboo structure / summer house which is under construction right now. It’s a structure which required a special approach. I spent 5 months in Dulan / South Taiwan working as an architect, a budget planner and a worker in one person. Me and my colleague Tereza Musilova from C-Lab team had to decide about the bamboo treating methods, construction methods of arches and about a secondary structure for bamboo weaving.

Our mission ended by finishing the first woven bamboo layer, the client covered the dome temporarily after we left. Now is C-Lab waiting for another adventurers willing to spend some time in south Taiwan with the dutch client, his wife and five dogs and push this great project forward. It’s necessary to cover the dome with a waterproof layer and build a bamboo weaving layer on top of the whole thing again. Then interior. In the end, the whole dome will look as a giant bamboo basket, naturally aging, overgrown by various creepers – the inner bamboo layer will be protected against the sun and rain all the time.

Interior: entrance wall, kitchen wall (kitchen half inside / half outside), stairs to the upper floor from the living room, bedroom on the upper floor, ocean view jacuzzi on top of the kitchen. Bathrooms on the both floors. Storage room.

fort egg 1

fort egg 2

fort egg 3

fort egg 4

fort egg 6

fort egg 7

fort egg 5

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