Houseboat for Myself

2.semestr 2007

ATELIER ing.arch.Jiří Buček, ing.arch.Filip Horatschke

Houseboat should serve as a temporal space for me. The houseboat is planned to be able hide various functional components inside the houseboat construction, so that above the water was clean surface on which you could practice tai chi.

Houseboat is due to serve to reach harmony with nature while relaxing in the exercises. Therefore, in the loaded state is seen only a thin line that does not interfere the water level.

Houseboat is located on the pond Vesecký Hut located in the area between Jablonec and Liberec. One part is surrounded by forests.

Houseboat is reinforced ribs inside. The ribs are thick 3mm, positioned every 50cm.


MATERIAL: construction – dural 3mm

weight – concrete 4x 0,5m3

isolation-polystyrene 10mm


HEIGHT: 37,66cm above water level

hausbot8 hausbothausbot7 hausbot5hausbot4hausbot3hausbot2hausbot6


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