Mosque in Pristina

diploma thesis, 2013

_supervisor:ří Suchomel

The project addresses the requirement to place for worshiping with multidimensional features solitary object placed on a given plot of 85 x 110m. From specification implies that the object should become the new heart, evolving the southwest of Pristina. The first flagship mosque will be built in an otherwise hostile environment suburbs, where new urban study ordered almost all existing buildings flatten. In the design used basic optical principles, the object recedes přivývajícími floors, creates a kind of mass base for more natural shapes itself prayer space. At first sight, the shapes of the sections reveal its function.

To achieve the greatest savings in space for the benefit of outdoor space poloveřejného are praying people organized in an elliptical cone-shaped prayer hall of the main building. The program covers the perforated thin concrete shell, which gently as a falling leaf dry tops prayer space. Gives rise to three planes and environment: indoor interior idle designated for prayer, polokryté the outdoor court, where in the shade and no rain may in large buildings holidays visitors kneel in prayer, and ultimately empty net open air courtyard.

The elliptical shape of the prayer hall is surrounded by a glazed atrium, which is the main communication artery in the lower levels of the building. Atrium so lets stand out form the main functional parts, which I consider to be the most important project. Other plants are planted to cascade platforms sloping gradually to public spaces, squares and public spaces so slowly through the gardens highlight from the other side towards the main road: Boulevard leading from Old Town.

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