Urban Interventions

Parking in the middle of Block of flats, 2013

Collaboration: Miroslav Jersenský

Mšeno estate boasts with beautiful natural environment: back city dam, tenis squash area, the surrounding greenery …. It’s a bit pity that the same peace and quietness is not offered from direction from one of the busiest city street. Walk along the high-rises is as you go through the giant fleet. Residents often can’t get close to their home comfortably by car after six pm. People park their cars in turns, between dustbins and on the lawn.

The project propose to build a multi-purpose park, in it’s bowels there will be hidden parking garage – at the patch of concrete near the roundabout. The place is nowadays no unused and empty.

Parking extends one floor above ground and two below ground (can be increased). One floor accommodates 55 parking spaces, and thus its capacity saves at least 165 parking spaces. Parallel parking and parking outside the marked area can easily disappear.

Publicly accessible green roof serves as a garden for residents of apartment buildings in the area as well as seating for visitors of refreshments in the shopping center “Chapel”. Roof facilities offers: corners barbecue, children’s playground with a sandpit, paddling pool and swings, a commons for outdoor games and seating for picnics.

Wooden facade and green roof bring a natural element into the concrete panorama settlement.

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