Water Element in Town

1.semestr 2006

ATELIER ing.arch.Jiří Buček, ing.arch.Filip Horatschke

The element consists of two groups of triangular shapes. Stress is placed right on the water, which plays a significant role: fills and also connects the shape. Water flows from one to another, water connects the composition. From top view the shapes cut each other, from thanks to falling water the shapes cut each other also from side view.

Water element is located in the upper half of the Lower Square in Jablonec. One is a large water area of approximately 20m. Among the groups of water area a person can go through and be in direct contact with water size. The composition is powered by paving that differs from the rest of the square. The benches are positoned parallel with the paving. One can sit back and be near the water.

4 materials (wood, stainless steel, stone, glass) provide insight into the water in several variants. Transparent glass gives the illusion of levitating plate, which dissolves into glossy stainless steel, then the water overflows into the wood and stone to the ground.

Wooden boards are connecting element with benches that complement the square and make it a place to meet people.

The water element enlights the Square, which is slightly sloping. Slope is also used to drop water, the plates are horizontal composition. The element can be viewed from below – the viewer sees drop of water, from above -  the viewer is impresed of the large water surface and from the sides – the shapes are cut to each other.

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